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Ariston's Philosophy

Our hotel's name comes from the word "aristocrat," meaning "the best of its kind."
It reflects our desire to be the best hotels, situated in the best locations.
The Ariston Hotels Group provides all guests with comfortable spaces and relaxation.
Our hotels strive to always be places where guests can enjoy pleasant, peaceful stays.


Ariston's Hospitality

"Hospitable feeling in the heart"

Our philosophy of hospitality is one of action based not on thought, but on feeling.
Ariston hotel staff act based on five customer-focused mentalities.
Feeling and acting on these customer-focused concepts is Ariston's approach to hospitality.

  • "Welcome back"
  • "I can help you whenever you need"
  • "Have a pleasant experience"
  • "Have a great trip"
  • "Hope to see you again"


Ariston's Three Highlights


The best access in Port Island

Hotel Ariston Kobe is located between Kobe Airport and Sannomiya, connected by the Port Liner. It offers convenient access to halls and facilities on the island.
It is a great choice not only for travel to Kobe and other parts of the Kansai and Kinki area, but also as a base for those attending international conferences, concerts, or events.
It satisfies a wide range of guest needs.
The surrounding area consists primarily of offices and condominiums, so it is quiet and peaceful at night, letting you relax and unwind.
Enjoy the hotel's serenity as you take in the modern night view of the port city of Kobe.

The best access in Port Island


Breakfast served with choice rice,
the heart and soul of the Japanese table

The theme of our hotel's breakfast is "rice". Kobe is an international city, conjuring up images of bread and western food, but we are dedicated to serving rice, the cornerstone of Japanese cuisine.
We serve freshly steamed, local koshihikari rice, together with many Kobe specialties that go perfectly with rice, such as bokkake (sweet and spicy stir-fry of beef tendon), ikanago kugini (sand lance flavored with soy sauce and mirin), and chirimen sansho (baby sardines with Chinese pepper).
At our breakfast buffet guests can also savor other Kobe specialties such as sobameshi (fried noodles and rice) and akashiyaki (soft octopus dumplings).
Enjoy Ariston Hotel Kobe's hearty, wholeheartedly prepared breakfasts.

Breakfast served with choice rice, the heart and soul of the Japanese table


Ariston's power is in its people

Throughout history the port city of Kobe has flourished as an international trade center, as well as serving as a key domestic transportation region.
Many overseas guests frequent our hotel, and we do our utmost to ensure that they have the best business or leisure experiences possible.
Staff with years of experience in Kobe provide guests with information on sightseeing, dining, little-known attractions, and other areas of interest to guests.
We attentively serve the wide range of guests that visit Kobe, center of exchange and interchange.

Ariston's power is in its people

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