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To Muslim Customers

The Hospitality We Provide Our Muslim Guests
as “Kansai’s No. 1 Muslim-Friendly Hotel”

A Message from Ariston Hotel Kobe to the Muslim Community

- A Message from Ariston Hotel Kobe to the Muslim Community -

Kobe is a port city home to Japan’s oldest mosque, and has extremely deep ties to the Muslim community. Many Muslims have visited Kobe on pilgrimages, and the city’s profile is growing year by year. Ariston Hotel Kobe supports Muslim guests visiting Kobe by offering three hospitality services.

1. Meals:
We offer lunch and dinner menu items for Muslims, and use halal ingredients for some of our breakfast offerings.

2. Prayer:
Guests can pray in our shower-equipped guest rooms.
(There are Qibla in all guest rooms, and prayer mats and prayer clothing are available on request, free of charge)

3. Support:
Our Muslim concierge can meet the requests of guests to ensure a worry-free stay even for first-time travelers.

As Kansai’s No. 1 Muslim-Friendly Hotel,
our staff, highly knowledgeable about Islam in Kobe, provides dedicated, sincere support to ensure that Muslim guests can enjoy peace of mind during their stay in Japan.
We hope that you choose Ariston Hotel Kobe.

Ariston Hotel Kobe Hospitality


Dining for Muslim guests

Ariston Hotel Kobe’s restaurant staff has taken part in reception workshops offered by the Japan Halal Association. They are prepared to welcome Muslim guests with dishes Muslims can enjoy with peace of mind.
Trattoria Terrazza, located on the first floor, offers dishes for Muslim guests at all meals, so you can enjoy problem-free lunches and dinners. The breakfast buffet also offers several dishes made with halal-certified ingredients. Japanese banquet dishes for Muslim guests can also be prepared with advance reservations. Please enjoy our Japanese dishes for Muslim guests.

Dining for Muslim guests


Prayer possible in all guest rooms

One problem Muslims encounter when visiting Kobe is where to pray. All of Ariston Hotel Kobe’s guest rooms are equipped for prayer.Every guest room has a Qibla sticker, placed with guidance from the Japan Halal Association. Each guest room is clean, with a shower for washing ones hands and feet, so guests can pray at any time.The hotel front desk also lends out, free-of-charge, clean prayer mats and prayer clothing for women, for use in guest rooms, so even guests who have not brought their own prayer supplies, or who have forgotten them, can pray in We can also provide information on how to reach the Kobe mosque for guests who would prefer to pray at a nearby mosque. (The mosque is approximately 25 minutes away from the hotel)

Prayer possible in all guest rooms


Concierge service, providing support to guests during their stay

Please feel free to consult with our hotel staff regarding Muslim-friendly facilities such as restaurants serving halal dishes, prayer facilities, or the like.Kobe is home to Japan’s oldest mosque and many halal restaurants, to which our hotel staff can provide directions.Of course, in addition to restaurant information, they also have information on Kobe sightseeing information and little-known attractions not listed in travel pamphlets, so talk to them about any issues you need help with or any information you require. Our concierges, experts on the city of Kobe, will do their utmost to ensure that your trip to Kobe is a wonderful one.

Concierge service, providing support to guests during their stay

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