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Trattoria Terrazza

Italian restaurant
Floor:1F / Number of seats:53

With its romantic ambiance and great food offering, Trattoria Terazza invites you to savor a variety of dishes made with fresh vegetables and seasonal local ingredients.
This casual Italian restaurant offers a semi-buffet lunch, meaning that diners can order one main dish while appetizers, bread, soup, vegetables and desserts are buffet-style. As a main dish you can choose a pasta or pizza of the day, or one of three rice dishes (Roast Beef Bowl, Avocado Salmon Rice Bowl or Risotto).
Half-buffet style allows our guests to enjoy the best of two food servicing styles: the food is carefully prepared after an order has been placed, while there is still freedom to choose from different categories of fresh vegetables, appetizers and desserts. Many of the dishes on the menu change daily, so our guests have an opportunity to try something new every time they visit Trattoria Terazza.
The use of seasonal ingredients in food has long been valued in Japan for optimal taste and nutritional benefits. Which is why we consider what ingredients are at their prime season at specific times of the year when designing a menu. All our dishes are skillfully prepared from the highest quality ingredients from Hyogo prefecture and served in a pleasing classic European décor filled with elegance and a warm ambiance.

Menu example:
<Ham, salami>
Prosciutto cotto, Mortadella Bologna, Salami Milano
Mizuna green, Awaji onion, red leaf lettuce, mini tomato, various dressings
Marinated tuna slices, Norwegian salmon rolls with cream cheese, marinated octopus
Raspberry bread, pumpkin bread, Japanese milk bread
<Soups 2 types>
Corn soup, pumpkin soup, Ministrone vegetable soup
<Main dish>
Pasta or pizza of the day, or one of three rice dishes (Roast Beef Bowl, Avocado Salmon Rice Bowl or Risotto)
Most popular choices:
Meat sauce pasta with slowly simmered Bolognese sauce, fresh pasta al Pesto Genovese, Carbonara Pizza, Roast Beef Bowl.
Panna cotta, Tiramisu, mini-cakes, fruits
<Soft drinks>
Coffee, black tea, oolong tea

Lunch     11:00 – 14:30 (14:00 L.O.)
Weekdays                             1,200 yen
Weekends and holidays                1,400 yen


Floor:1F / Number of seats:53

Healthy Kobe breakfast buffet
The theme of our hotel breakfast buffet is healthy food made with fresh local vegetables. We use only selected ingredients from Hyogo Prefecture. Breakfast, served in the first floor breakfast area with its subdued, relaxed atmosphere, consists of a wide range of Kobe flavors, including handmade dishes rich in local vegetables and Kobe’s famous local cuisine.
The extensive menu features food from various categories, from special rice and eggs to standard Western dishes.
Enjoy this healthy breakfast, perfect for busy people.

7:00 – 9:30 (9:00 L.O.)
On the day      1,500 yen
In advance       1,200 yen

*On the occasion of less than 20 guests ordering breakfast, buffet may be changed to a set meal. Guests can choose between Western and Japanese style meals. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Please contact the front desk for further information.

Unique Breakfast at the Ariston Hotel Kobe


Traditional Kobe flavor

Guests can enjoy a buffet of local dishes enjoyed since time immemorial.
Kobe hotels have an image of serving Western foods, but we are dedicated to providing local dishes such as Bokkake, Sobameshi and Ikanago kugini to our guests. Bokkake is a sweet and spicy stir-fry of beef tendon, daikon radish, and konjac, Sobameshi is a famous "B-class gourmet" dish said to have originated in Kobe’s Nagata area, and Ikanago kugini is a Kobe dish popular in spring made of sand lance flavored with soy sauce and mirin.
Savor the traditional foods of the port city of Kobe.

Traditional Kobe flavor


Nourish your body with nutritious fresh vegetables

We believe that a diet rich in fresh vegetables is a great way to stay healthy.
Our breakfast buffet offers dishes featuring vegetables from Hyogo Prefecture, such as Miso Dengaku, made with Hyogo’s famous Awaji Island onions, freshly cooked tofu handmade at the hotel and a salad bar, which includes all the local vegetables from the Kobe Nishi region you could think of.
We carefully select each and every one of the ingredients we use and we strongly recommend our breakfast as a healthy option.

Nourish your body with nutritious fresh vegetables


Delicious Hyogo ingredients

Vegetables are not the only delicious Hyogo ingredients.
Hyogo Prefecture borders the Sea of Japan to the north and the Seto Inland Sea to the south, which provides it with the bounty of the sea.
We serve various dishes rich with seafood from Hyogo Prefecture, such as colorful Chirashi-zushi with octopus caught in the Seto Inland Sea and Akashiyaki, a famous Akashi dish made with octopus and plenty of eggs. We use high quality Koshihikari rice from Hyogo Prefecture, with a superb balance of stickiness, fragrance, and luster, and eggs from Okutamba.
Our breakfast buffet consists of a variety of Japanese and Western dishes that allow guests to enjoy the delicious bounty of Kobe.

Delicious Hyogo ingredients

Menu Some of our popular dishes

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