Ariston Hotel Oita

Miyakomachi 2-1-7 Oita-shi, Oita 870-0034 Japan

TEL +81-97-534-8811+81-97-534-8811 FAX +81-97-534-8820

Guests arriving by air

Oita Airport Bus 60 minutes -> Get off at Niagemachi -> 3 minute walk -> Hotel

Airport Limousine bus fare
Oita Airport <=> Niagemachi Adult, one way: 1,550 yen (children, one way: 780 yen)
Bus schedule
Please see the Oita Kotsu website.

Guests arriving by train

Oita Station -> 10 minute walk -> Hotel

Oita Station -> 3 minute taxi ride -> Hotel

Guests arriving on foot
Exit the Oita Station Funai Chuo exit and walk through the shopping arcade at left.
At the next large street (Showa Dori), cross at the signal and turn left to reach the hotel.
3 minute taxi ride
Board a taxi at the taxi stand in front of the station and ask to be taken to Ariston Hotel Oita.
(Taxi fare: 640 to 780 yen (rough estimate))

Guests arriving by car

Oita Expressway Oita Interchange -> 15 minute drive from the highway exit -> Hotel

< Parking information >
Guests can use the connected parking structure or the hotel's contracted parking lot.
If you have any questions, please contact the front desk (+81-97-534-8811).

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