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Ariston's Philosophy

Our hotel's name comes from the word "aristocrat," meaning "the best of its kind."
It reflects our desire to be the best hotels, situated in the best locations.
The Ariston Hotels Group provides all guests with comfortable spaces and relaxation.
Our hotels strive to always be places where guests can enjoy pleasant, peaceful stays.


Ariston's Hospitality

"Hospitable feeling in the heart"

Our philosophy of hospitality is one of action based not on thought, but on feeling.
Ariston hotel staff act based on five customer-focused mentalities.
Feeling and acting on these customer-focused concepts is Ariston's approach to hospitality.

  • "Welcome back"
  • "I can help you whenever you need"
  • "Have a pleasant experience"
  • "Have a great trip"
  • "Hope to see you again"


Ariston's Three Highlights


A business center located neara convenient shopping
and entertainment district

Our hotel is in the heart of business area adjacent to Miyakomachi, Oita's finest shopping and entertainment district.
There are numerous places to entertain guests and hold meetings, making it perfect as a business site.
The JR Oita Station terminal station is within walking distance, and it is just three minutes on foot to the nearest airport bus stop,
"Niagemachi," making the hotel easily accessible.
There are also many leisure facilities, and guests can enjoy shopping at the Amu Plaza Oita shopping center.
The hotel is also conveniently placed for trips to the famous Beppu Onsen and Yufuin are also,
making it highly convenient as a sightseeing base.

A business center located near a convenient shopping and entertainment district


Buffet style breakfast with a rich selection
of local cuisine

Morning at Ariston begins with a luxurious buffet-style breakfast.
Guests can enjoy from a selection of over 40 dishes.
Japanese dishes include the favorites of grilled fish and natto, as well as various small dishes.
Western fare includes baguettes and cereal, and healthy choices such as fruit.
The buffet is a great choice for every type of customer, from those looking for volume to those seeking healthy fare.
Guests can also savor Ariston Oita's select local dishes and specialties. Enjoy seasonal cuisine and Oita dishes such as toriten (chicken tempura),
dangojiru (dumpling soup), Nakatsu fried chicken, and fugu zosui (rice gruel with blowfish).

Buffet style breakfast with a rich selection of local cuisine


Ariston's power is in its people

We do our utmost to ensure that each and every Ariston Hotel guest has a pleasant stay.
Our bright, cheerful greetings brighten peoples' days.
Our smiling customer service relaxes guests.
We always strive to provide hospitality while maintaining just the right distance.
Please talk to our staff with any needs or issues.
Our concierges, experts on the city of Oita, can provide the information you want to know.
These Onsen Meister-certified staff can direct you to sightseeing spots, restaurants, or the famous baths of this hot spring region.

Ariston's power is in its people

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