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Check in - 14:00 / Check out - 10:00

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Guests arriving by air


Taxi / Miyazaki Airport  one way: 2,600 yen (rough estimate)
Local bus / Miyazaki Airport <=> Tachibana Dori 2-chome Adult, one way: 420 yen
JR / Miyazaki Airport <=> JR Miyazaki Station Adult, one way: 360 yen

Bus schedule

Please see the Miyazaki Kotsu website.

Miyazaki Kotsu

Guests arriving by train

Guests arriving by taxi

Board a taxi at the taxi stand in front of the station and ask to be taken to Ariston Hotel Miyazaki. Taxi fare: 590 yen (rough estimate)

Guests arriving by car

Miyazaki Expressway Miyazaki Interchange -> 18 minute drive from the highway exit -> Hotel